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  • Unique design: Made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex for comfort and durability.
  • 3-Layer fabric with C change™ membrane: Provides adaptive temperature control inspired by nature.
  • Temperature responsive membrane: Opens to release moisture when warm, closes to retain heat when cool.
  • Easy arm removal: YKK zippers and dedicated pouch for convenient arm storage.
  • Hydrophobic properties: Repels water and creates a protective beading effect for rain resistance.
  • High-quality insulation: +800FP down by DOWNTEK™ with premium clusters for warmth and comfort.


For an athletic fit take your normal size, but for a more fashionable oversize fit go one size up. To take a measurement from Pit to Pit, grab a garment which fits you well, lay it out flat and extended before taking a measurement from one armpit across the chest to the other. This will give you the Pit to Pit measurement.



Our MDO (Modular Down Outer) is an extremely unique design. It is manufactured from 94% polyester and 6% spandex designed and manufactured by Swiss experts Schoeller-Textilles. The properties of this fabric not only creates a dynamic stretch for comfort, but is also highly durable for active outdoor pursuits. The soft touch shell fabric is a 3-layer, which a membrane (called c_change®) sandwiched between the outer shell and a tricot backing finish.


This C_Change® Membrane layer is set to a predetermined temperature range. Once the climate inside the garment warms (due to physical exertion or higher ambient temperatures), the polymer membrane structure opens up, to allow water vapour to escape through the membrane.

As the temperature falls, the membrane closes to its original structure, helping to preserve body heat. This whole design philosophy is inspired by nature and specifically pine cones!

Pine cones naturally open and close in response to changes in ambient temperature. 

If for whatever reason, you do get too warm, the arms on the MDO can be removed and stored inside a purposely designed pouch in the back of the MDO, so you don’t leave them behind!

Its hydrophobic properties repel water and create a beading effect that protects the fabric and wearer from heavy downpours. On the inside, you’ll find +800FP (Fill Power) 90/10 (Feathers to Cluster) water repelling down by DOWNTEK™, with high premium down clusters that trap pockets of air. Those pockets insulate, keeping you warm and comfortable and help maintain your core body climate. 


What is DOWNTEK™? DOWNTEK™ is a water repellent treatment that allows down to retain its ability to loft and insulate even when wet. It creates surface tension on each individual cluster of down, so instead of deflating the pockets of air that trap warmth, the moisture has no choice but to bead up and roll away. Learn more about DownTek™ here.



DownTek Shake Test Video from DownTek Water Repellent Down on Vimeo.

Key Benefits:

Stays Dry – absorbs 30% less water and dries 60% faster than untreated down.

Washable – DownTek™ products can be washed without losing the ability to repel water.

Lightweight – Downtek™ retains the same fill power as untreated down, and adds no measurable weight.

Natural – all natural, non-synthetic down.

Watch a video and learn more about DownTek™ Insulation here.

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