Sobre nosotros

7L is a functional first performance brand that fuses fashion with function and performance with style. Inspired by archetype vintage military and modern day technical layering systems (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System) we pride ourselves on utilising state-of-the-art materials, manufacturing & advanced technologies.

With our meticulous design and manufacturing ethos, we provide a functional yet fashionable aesthetic, across 7 layers within individual and unique systems. Taking the ECWCS concept, 7L fuse outerwear technologies with fashionable apparel with each system containing unique styles, materials and uses.

Ergonomic design has always been at the forefront of 7L’s principles when it comes to uniting humans with garments. To achieve this ever-evolving harmony we observe the interactions made in everyday life and combine them with the perceived functionalities we believe are required. This integration between garment technology and end-consumer purpose allows us to create both functional and fashionable hybrid entities that serve the wearer with multiple solutions for changing environments. Adaptation is key.


Our founder instils a set of beliefs and design philosophies into the brand that we’ve held ourselves accountable to, ever since 7L’s inception. The meticulous detailing, unrivalled craftsmanship and garment execution is entwined with rich military heritage, the technicalities and fabrications of Asian influence and our own interpersonal narrative of growth and exploration. 7L has deep roots embedded in the design and manufacturing industry, which allows the leaves of product to bloom season upon season.


Our fabrications are based on the garment’s end-purpose. Performance or Lifestyle. We then break this down further into our layering system, making it clear and simple for our community to engage with. We offer functional knits and wovens for a more outdoor-driven customer that partakes in explorations of an extreme
nature. The lifestyle arm of the business then showcases the more fashion-oriented textiles that are created especially for the urban city wardrobe.