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The organic relationship between Seven Layer and Children of Zeus stemmed from a mutual appreciation of each other’s work in our respected industries. 

Both of us are believers in empowering Manchester talent and wanted to combine our energy and creative output into producing a campaign that showcased our work. 

With 7L continuously finding a balance between fashion and function, it made sense to highlight this message through Children of Zeus’ new album ‘Balance’. 

‘Balance’ is 50 minutes of future-classic British soul music encompassing hip hop, neo-soul, gospel and R&B. Konny’s laidback flow once again merges with Tyler’s unmistakable buttery vocals across a set of bass-heavy backdrops and smoothed-out keys, taking the blueprint from their debut album and evolving it into a deeper, more-refined sound. 

The track list is comprised of 13 songs with the track ‘Balance’ positioned at 7th on the list (6 songs either side, maintaining equilibrium). 

This hidden symmetry sparked intrigue as well as a relatable sense of alignment with 7L. 

The sheer aspiration in the lyric “never too comfy for the challenge” hit home and resonated with us a lot. With our warehouse fire in February that saw the entirety of our stock go up in flames, it really was a mentally challenging period that tested the character of everyone in the brand. The same mindset is communicated throughout the album. 

The Balance between business and pleasure, financial gain and loss, family and friends, time invested, and ultimately mental health. 

We encapsulated this sentiment and portrayed it through a co-created campaign. 

The angled spirit levels surrounding Konny & Tyler are metaphors for the constant challenge of finding balance in all aspects of life. 

New Smocks modelled by CoZ coming 1st September 2022.


Brand – 7L 

Creative Director – Mike Meikleham

Talent – Children of Zeus 

Photographer – Adam Mane 

Stylist – Melika Adalia 

Creative Consultant – Kwesi Beats 


You can purchase the CoZ new album below:


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