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HD® Wool Apparel Insulation


30 Sep 2021

Article by Nish Greenbank (7L Reporter & Explorer)

Over the past few years, 7L has predominantly been utilising technical and intelligent fabrics manufactured from synthetic materials for the 7L apparel systems. Why you ask? “Because our staple products fuse the science and functionality of intelligent and technical fabrics that help wick sweat, are highly breathable, light weight and designed to create functional and fashionable pieces” says Jamie Lundy CEO and Creative Director for 7L.

Now however, with increasing research by scientists into the impact these synthetics (or the way they are made or recycled) are having on our beautiful planet, there has been a mind shift within the brand. This is very largely due to CEO and Creative Director Jamie Lundy bringing in the ‘ORIGIN SYSTEM’ and the mission statement “Bring it home”. He was very keen on producing locally and manufacturing back in Britain. “I felt it was very important that the brand started to create products that are more sustainable in their overall life cycle and that the brand was contributing to our own local economy, especially after Brexit, through helping recruitment, training and employment for our supply chain. I’ve manufactured all my life in Stockport and it’s always given me great satisfaction, knowing that the we are contributing to training young people (in the UK) which is very important for employment levels, especially during and after the pandemic.

This brand, its fans, followers and customers have all helped British companies maintain staffing levels or extend employment durations. The likes of English Fine Cottons, Cookson and Clegg, British Millerain, Halley Stevenson, Private White and Asqiths have all benefitted from crafting our products and that really makes me feel good”.



More recently the brand looked for a more sustainable material for insulation and approached HD® Wool Insulation who were in their early stages of HD® Wool research and development. “For me, it was a no brainer” says Jamie. “The opportunity was just too good not to be involved and support HD® Wool in their mission to create a new type of technical but natural insulation for the outdoor lifestyle apparel. Utilising one of our AW20 designs, we made the decision to put HD® Wool  inside the lining of one of our Field Layer Parka’s (Detonator Parka) and see how it performed. The insulation is 100 percent natural, renewable and durable, and effectively temperature regulates with moisture management properties. I must say, I was surprised at the results. It’s quite an amazing product as it regulates body temperature in pretty much the same way as goose down does”.

HD® Wool & Woolkeepers

HD Wool Apparel Insulation supports farmers to start the ReGenerative Agricultural process by having their land subjected to an annual Ecological Outcome Verification set forth by the Savory Institute to show progress in Land to Market objectives. The wool that is used to make HD Wool Apparel Insulation is traceable back to the farm where it was grown, sourced via The Woolkeepers, the company’s quality assurance platform.

Getting the word out there

As 7L promote their new ‘Detonator Parka Insulated’ with natural and sustainable Insulation  HD® Wool Insulation themselves have been actively promoting their new product. Below is an extract from a recent magazine article:

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Major Brands Adopt HD® Wool Apparel Insulation for AW 21 Outerwear

Purdey, 7L and Hajk introduce new outwear styles with natural, renewable, traceable wool insulation

 October 20, 2021; Shipley, UK – HD® Wool Ltd is proud to partner with several leading European brands that are featuring its new HD® Wool Apparel Insulation ( in their Autumn/Winter 21 outerwear collections.

Developed for outdoor and lifestyle apparel, HD® Wool Apparel Insulation is 100% natural, renewable, and highly durable. Furthering its excellent temperature regulating and moisture management properties, HD® Wool Apparel Insulation is actively supporting farmers to start the ReGenerative Agricultural process by having their land subjected to an annual Ecological Outcome Verification set forth by the Savory Institute to show progress in Land to Market objectives. The wool that is used to make HD® Wool Apparel Insulation is fully traceable back to the farm upon which it is grown, sourced via The Woolkeepers®, the company’s bespoke quality assurance platform.

“Consumers are thinking more about how the products they buy make an impact on the environment, thus becoming more cognizant of the ingredients they are made of,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Managing Director, HD® Wool Apparel Insulation. “As a result, we are delighted that such prominent brands as Purdey, 7L (Seven Layer) and Hajk have adopted our natural HD® Wool Apparel Insulation as an alternative to synthetic insulation featured in key pieces of their Autumn/Winter 21 outerwear collections.”Jo Dawson, who is the CEO of HD® Wool and the founder and chairman of The Woolkeepers® (


The English shooting way of life connects people, nature and tradition. Built on British sporting roots that connects people, nature and tradition, Purdey’s line of luxury, heritage apparel is made of the finest materials. Its new, fully reversible men’s Pangbourne Gilet is made with Drywax windproof and showerproof cotton along with HD® Wool Apparel Insultation to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

7L (Seven Layer)

7L is a functional-first performance brand that fuses fashion, function and performance with style. The brand takes inspiration from the US Military’s Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS), which consists of multiple layer options that can be worn in combination to provide adequate protection for individuals in temperatures from +40 to -60. 7L introduces HD® Wool Apparel Insulation in its Detonator Insulated Parka, which is inspired by the British Army Combat Field Jacket. “We are super-excited to collaborate with the team at HD® Wool on this first project,” said Jamie Lundy, Founder and CEO, 7L. “It’s a great project to support great British businesses.” This garment is made with British-sourced materials and also manufactured in the UK.


Hajk is a Swedish contemporary clothing brand for men rooted in the idea that the outdoors is about enjoying the now. It designs clothing to perfectly complement an outdoor lifestyle; carefully balancing fashion, performance and sustainability. Hajk introduces HD® Wool Apparel Insulation in ARV, a 3-layer lightweight and versatile jacket made with fully sustainable materials.

More information about Purdey, 7L and Hajk apparel made with HD® Wool Apparel Insulation can be found at,,

So it looks like 7L have partnered with an exceptional company so I think I’ll be writing more about this topic soon. Stay tuned.


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