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Tested in the Arctic our Resurgence Parka is constructed from waterproof Swiss 3 Layer fabric which contains a laminate membrane called C_Change. This membrane adapts to ambient conditions by opening its molecular structure in temperatures above 10 degrees (to improve breathability) and contracts in conditions below 10 degrees (to maintain insulation). Conclusion, the colder the weather the more waterproof, the hotter the weather the more breathable.

  • Arctic tested in Svalbard
  • High-quality Schoeller® fabric
  • Wind & waterproof C_CHANGE™ membrane
  • Adapts to dynamic movements
  • Adapts to ambient temperatures
  • Insulated with 90/10 +800 FP DownTek™ ZeroPFC™
  • All zippers are YKK for added quality 
  • 7L designed Snug-hood   
  • Snow Skirt
  • Japanese hem, waist and hood adjustors
  • Japanese manufactured breathable lining
  • Ideal for mountain trekking, snowboarding, skiing or functional fashion


    For a normal fit pick your normal size.

    For a more relaxed fit size up one.

    C_Change™ - The Bionic Climate Membrane: 

    With C_CHANGE™ this advanced technology actively adapts to changing temperatures and activities, providing expedition-levels of protection that easily withstand extreme weather conditions and / or varying body or weather temperature fluctuations.

    When involved in sporting activity, while motorcycling or during outdoor activities, the individual is exposed to varying climatic conditions and levels of physical exertion.

    C_CHANGE™ membrane technology reacts to the different temperatures and activities. As soon as greater moisture is produced as a result of higher prevailing temperatures or greater body heat, the membrane structure opens and allows excess heat and water vapour.

    To escape to the outside air. As soon as the body produces less heat energy, and consequently less moisture, the membrane structure contracts again. Body heat is then stored and protection from shivering and chilling built up.

    C_CHANGE™ is a water and windproof membrane technology which is capable of independent flexible adaptation of its moisture vapour permeability. In doing so, it reacts in a way similar to that of a pine cone which opens and closes in response to different weather conditions.

    As soon as the ambient temperature rises or greater moisture is produced as a result of body heat, the polymer structure of the membrane opens and allows excess moisture to escape to the outside air. As soon as the body produces less heat energy and therefore less moisture, the membrane structure contracts again storing body heat and offering protection from chilling and shivering. In addition, C_CHANGE™ offers moisture vapour permeability at the highest level.

    On the inside of our down parkas is a stunning Japanese breathable liner, working in harmony with the whole system, keeping your body climate stable, working with the C_CHANGE™ to ensure you don't overheat during dynamic movement.



    Layer 7: Cold Layer: Extreme Cold

    Our Layer 7: Cold Layer: Resurgence Parka's are for the most extreme, arctic-like conditions. Rated to -40°F these garments help to keep the wearer warm and safe when temperatures are well below zero. Layer 7 should be worn with other layers to offer maximum insulation and protection from dangerously low temperatures.

    It's waterproof fabrics are sure to keep you dry and warm.


    Our Down Parkas have been tested by explorer's in the Arctic Circle. Read how they got on here https://sevenlayer.com/pages/svalbard-arctic


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