7L utilises 3XDRY® on it's high end luxury fabrics supplied by Schoeller. It combines water repellence and water absorption on one fabric. The textiles we use on our down parka's (finished with 3XDRY®) repel moisture from the outside and absorb perspiration more quickly from the inside. This ensures increased wellbeing during all activities.

The 'plant cuticle' is the very outer layer of leaves which protects them from uncontrolled evaporation. This wafer-thin waxy film which envelopes the leaves and stems is responsible for the familiar way that water droplets run off in the morning dew or in heavy rain. This effect is replicated by 3XDRY® and combined with a hydrophilic reverse.

The outer surface of the fabric is equipped with a high-performance, permanently- odorless and PFCfree high-tech finish. This allows water droplets and aqueous dirt to simply run off the surface of the textiles. The reverse, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and wicks it quickly away. As a result, fabrics with 3XDRY® are incredibly quick to dry. Stains resulting from perspiration are practically invisible from the outside and moisture evaporates close to the body, supporting its natural cooling function.


How does 3XDRY® work?

The 3XDRY® finish combines two technologies on just one fabric. On the outside, the fabric receives a hydrophobic (water-repelling) finish. Therefore it reliably repels moisture. On the inside, the fabric is furnished with a hydrophilic (water-loving) finish. Due to this hydrophilic finish, the perspiration produced by the body is carried away by the moisture-attracting fibres and spread over a wide area. The perspiration can evaporate quickly. In this way, the perspiration evaporates close to the body, supporting the body’s own cooling function. The hydrophobic layer also prevents perspiration escaping to the outside so that, externally, perspiration stains are barely visible.

 3XDRY®: Three times dry – the feel good technology

Dry on the outside. Dry on the inside. Dry in a flash. 3XDRY® is a textile finishing technology that combines two functions into one textile. On the outside the textile is water repellent and significantly less susceptible to stains. The inside of the textile absorbs and distributes moisture over the surface. As a result, textiles with 3XDRY® dry very quickly. Perspiration marks are practically invisible from the outside. Additionally, moisture evaporates close to skin to assist the natural cooling process of the body.



The outside of the textile is water and dirt repellent. 


At the same time, on the inside of the textile perspiration is quickly absorbed and transported away from the body. Moisture is distributed over the surface and evaporates rapidly. As a result, textiles with 3XDRY® dry much faster in comparison to conventional textiles. 

Care / Properties of 3XDRY®

  • natural cooling effect
  • minimizes perspiration marks
  • highly abrasion resistant
  • no effect on the breathability
  • washable and easy care
  • reactivation of function through tumble drying or ironing

Natural cooling effect:

3XDRY® stimulates the natural cooling effect during an active phase. Measurements on the right present a textile finished with 3XDRY® in comparison to an untreated fabric. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the technology, the tested fabric samples show a temperature difference of up to -3° C after the active phase.


3XDRY® is based on state-of-the-art C6 fluorochemicals (i.e. molecule chains consisting of 6 carbon atoms). Even with highly sensitive measurement methods, which detect impurities as small as 25 ppb (parts per billion), neither PFOA nor PFOS were found on fabrics treated with 3XDRY® technology. It combines modern functionality and the safety requirements that will apply to fluorochemicals in the future. The possible secondary components of C6-chemical (for example PFHxA = perfluorohexanoicacid) have a more favourable safety profile than products based on longer chain chemistry. 

Where is 3XDRY® used?

3XDRY® is particularly well-suited to fabrics worn close to the body. 3XDRY® is used in all those areas involving intense exercise or strenuous physical activity, for example, sports, working life, outdoor activities or travelling.

What are the benefits of 3XDRY®?

Due to the 3XDRY® finish, perspiration stains are significantly less evident on the outside of the clothing. In addition, the body’s natural cooling function is supported as the perspiration evaporates close to the body. This ensures more energy in active phases. Furthermore, the 3XDRY® finish also displays reliable water and dirt repelling properties, and textiles finished with 3XDRY® are significantly faster to dry after washing.

What kind of care do products with 3XDRY® require?

Depending on the base material, textiles with 3XDRY® finish can be washed without difficulty in the washing machine. However, no fabric conditioner should be used. In many cases, fabrics with 3XDRY® finish are also suitable for industrial laundering. Please read the care label on the garment.

What chemicals are used in 3XDRY®?

3XDRY® is completely free of fluorcarbons and PFC.

What is PFOS?

PFOS (Perfluorooctane sulphonate) is a biopersistent, bioaccumulative and toxic fluoroorganic compound (PBT substance). On June 27, 2008, new legislation began in the European Union on that regulates the marketing and use of PFOS in all member states. It restricts the permissible level of PFOS in textiles and other coated materials to below one microgram per square meter.

What is PFOA?

PFOA (Perfluoroocanoic acid), like PFOS, is biopersistent and has been detected at ppb levels (partes-per-billion*) in the environment and in human blood. For this reason, the responsible authorities, in particular EPA (U.S. Environment Protection Agency), are searching for the sources from which PFOA originates and are attempting to clarify how PFOA makes its way into the environment and into the general population. At present, intensive investigations are underway to find the possible entry sources for PFOA. Initially, a withdrawal date for PFOA was established for 2010. However, testing is still ongoing.

Is 3XDRY® bluesign® certified?

Yes. The technology complies with bluesign®, the world’s most stringent production standard with regard to EHS requirements (Environment, Health and Safety). The bluesign® system guarantees the greatest possible exclusion of substances that could be harmful to humans or the environment and promotes the economical use of resources in manufacturing. Further information can be found under