Pine cones open when the outside temperature rises, and close again when the temperature drops. Inspired by nature, the c_change® membrane works on the same principle. It reacts in exactly the same way to ambient conditions. Not only the temperature but also the air and body moisture are taken into consideration. At higher temperatures or during sports activities, the polymer structure of the c_change® membrane opens in response to the correspondingly intense moisture development. Excess heat and moisture can escape to the outside air. In the cold, or at times of low activity, the membrane remains closed. As a result of the lower moisture development, the polymer structure contracts and keeps the heat close to the body. Shivering or chilling are effectively prevented.

C_change® always ensures the optimum body climate. The membrane adapts to the conditions as it is highly breathable, and carries away moisture and excessive heat. In addition, it offers ideal heat retention depending on the situation. Being windproof and waterproof, c_change® protects the wearer in all kinds of weather and has been tested under extreme conditions in practice.

The Bionic Climate Membrane

When involved in sporting activity, while motor cycling or during outdoor activities, the individual is exposed to varying climatic conditions and levels of physical exertion. C_change®, the new membrane technology from Schoeller®, reacts to the different temperatures and activities. As soon as greater moisture is produced as a result of a higher prevailing temperature or greater body heat, the membrane structure opens and allows excess heat and water vapour to escape to the outside air. As soon as the body produces less heat energy, and consequently less moisture, the membrane structure contracts again. Body heat is then stored and protection from shivering and chilling built up. 

Inspired by nature

C_change® the new membrane technology from Schoeller® takes nature as its role model. Or more precisely, the effect which, for example, can be observed in pine cones which open and close in response to different weather conditions. 

Reacts to changing temperatures and activities.

The C_change® membrane reacts to different prevailing conditions. It takes into account not only the temperature but also humidity and body moisture. 

Ensures a pleasant body climate

Due to the high level of breathability, combined with heat retention adapted to the particular situation, C_change® ensures a consistently ideal body climate. 

 Wind and water proof

The C_change® membrane is permanently wind and waterproof, ensuring protection no matter what the weather. 

Offers a high level of breathability

The water vapour permeability of C_change® adapts perfectly to the prevailing conditions.